Caring for Shell Cordovan Leather: A Quick Guide

Shell Cordovan leather, known for its luster and durability, requires specific care to retain its unique qualities. Here's a straightforward approach:

Minimal Cleaning: Use a soft horsehair brush or cloth to gently remove dust. For dirt or stains, lightly wipe with a slightly damp cloth and then dry with a soft towel.

Occasional Conditioning: Lightly condition with a specific cordovan or natural leather cream. Do not over-condition; Shell Cordovan is naturally rich in oils.

Avoiding Water and Heat: Protect from prolonged moisture and heat exposure to prevent warping or discoloration.

Polishing for Shine: Use a cordovan-specific polish to enhance its natural shine. Buff gently with a horsehair brush.

Proper Storage: Store in a cool, dry place, ideally with shoe trees for footwear, to maintain shape.

By adhering to these simple care steps, your Shell Cordovan leather items will maintain their distinctive shine and robustness for years.